Tom’s Wildlife Management Services

Management, Trapping & Removal of Brush-Turkeys, Magpies & other Australian Native Wildlife

Crystal Waters Eco Village Bird Identification & Behaviour Tours

Servicing the Sunshine Coast Region


  • All Birds: specialising in Brush-turkeys & Magpies
  • Mammals: including Possums, Antichinus & Bush-Rats
  • QPWS Permit

Unique service offering management solutions for people with problem, nuisance native wildlife. Which includes the Trapping and Relocation of Brush-turkey, Magpie, Butcher-Birds and Native Rodents.

  • From the pesky possums that go bump in the night in your ceiling, the scurrilous brush-turkey destroying your garden to an over-defensive magpie or butcher-bird whacking you around the head.

Tom’s Background.

  • Bsc, with Honours in Australian Environmental Studies from Griffith University.
  • Worked as Research Assistant with Griffith University’s Suburban Wildlife Research Group
  • Specialising in Animal behaviour and best management practise for magpies and brush-turkeys.
  • Worked as a Wildlife Ranger with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) on the Sunshine Coast.

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